Spotlight: Sianeh

This month’s creative to watch is Sianeh. A photographer, graphic designer & collage artist. Her creative prowess boundless, a fact you can see for yourself in her socials- available below.

Art Trend to know in 2020


The Comeback of Abstract Art.

Figurative art dominated the most part of the 2010’s however, there seems to be a shift in the movement.Art history is rife with examples of pendulum swings and dialectical tensions—centuries ago, stark Realism countered lush Romanticism which triumphed over orderly Neo-classism. Many predict a similar turn over the next decade. The art world will tire of the same narratives about figuration and the body, seeking more spiritual, transcendent art-viewing experiences. We’ll all be talking and thinking about abstraction again.


“The art of a people is a true mirror to their minds”

jawarhalal nehru



This was a 10-day art exhibition featuring a range of independent artists centered around the theme of “Escape”, Finding a place to serve as a way out or a break from the pressures of everyday life. We at Untamed did our best to fit in with that theme creating an environment that could allow art lovers and patrons to be free, calm and at peace. From the 21st to 31st of August, Untamed grounds were home to artists Kesuki, Ekow Brew, Alifo, Kojo Anim and more.


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