Designers wanted

Why you? Your brand is Rare. Provocative. Quality. It is an extraordinary influencer, whose products create style exclusivity because of their beautiful craftsmanship, fine materials, and innovative design. We thank you for your work, which is symbolically representative of our heritage, yet at the same time a modern trendsetter. We believe you have a long term Vision and Strategy for your brand, and we want you to be free to do just that; focus your core efforts on Product creation, well known savoire faire and craftsmanship, and leave the rest to us.

What will we do? Dramatically increase your customer acquisition, retention and referral rates as you survive—and even thrive—as other stumble in this uncertain global economy. We offer you a specialized selling approach to your VIP clients. We choose your most iconic pieces and offer them in style, with a truly exclusive assortment of brands. The mission is to represent the most refined qualities of African “Art of Life”.

How you could evolve with us

  1. Customer’s experience: creating the most important ingredients of a luxury brand –  emotions and image.
  2. Knowledge (re)use: learning more about the audience for whom you are designing
  3. Brand improvement: expressing your luxury brand in the best possible light to the stylish consumer

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