She Beatz

The She Beatz is a project of Untamed Empire creative business incubator, inspired by the need to empower and inspire female creativity in the music industry in Ghana and across Africa, equipping them with the tools, knowledge, network and investment, so they subsequently become independent music entrepreneurs

Floating on pink skies, purple waves
Rest my mind on sullen spectrum rays
Falling deep in spirit's song
Is what I needed all along

AmaaraePassionfruit Summers

oh yeah
sunset at the back yard
barbeque on fire
I'm feeling good today - Odunsi - Happy Hour.mp3

"Outside Vibin' 001" MixA mix curated by wawoloradio.

A raw conversation between Aubrey Mensa and Kirani Ayat in an Uber rooming around Madina where Ayat grew up

Uber DiscoveriesA podcast brought to you by wawoloradio.